The Thanos Sweatshirt
The Thanos Sweatshirt
The Thanos Sweatshirt

The Thanos Sweatshirt

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Thanos Is an Eternal but more powerful. ... While Thanos isn't a God his power was just under Skyfather level. He had a close fight against Odin and lost, barely. Odin is way more powerful that Thor, as we see him confiscate Thor's hammer at will in both the comics and the movie.

Turn your Avenger fan level up a bit. Enjoy a Thanos themed sweatshirt.

  • Fabric: Polyester Light and Breathable
  • Adult men's size.
  • Good gift for a movie fan.
  • Thickness is moderate and suitable for daily wear.
  • Season: spring, autumn
  • Sizes fit appropriately


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